Monday, August 3, 2015

This summer, a new home

We moved, but only a couple of hundred meters.. to the other side of the church. I can see the cross from my desk. We painted a little. But this place immediately felt like home.
Our old apartment building went under some construction work and we hadn't heard about it until a few weeks before, and at the same time I heard about this one becoming available, so here we are.

More words and pictures will come later.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Grace comes through only the cracked places, therefore don't be afraid of the pain..

Just when you thought things had reached the low point and could not get any worse.

Then they did.

But you kept clinging on to the promise and hope, to the only thing that you know will ever make any sense and ever turn things around. And it's a sure thing that He does it.
Faith is firm trust in the things that we do not see.
He does answer our prayers, but in his love sometimes... he waits.

If you would see me you'd think that I went on some crash diet because of my 35 pounds lighter frame. No, it's not a sudden desire to buy all new wardrobe. It's because I' have had the hardest time of my life and I have to force myself to eat. So you would not want to go on this diet.
I'm sorry I can't share any details, because it all involves other people and this is a public forum.
My crappy health is part of it, but i can perhaps talk about that a little later.

I was actually trying to photograph the paintings this morning.. I'm planning to take them to Helsinki Artists' Union "Art Library" because I sold something from there recently and I get to bring in new stuff.
My camera also caught some grapes turning into raisins, and Valo being the sweet rag doll that he is :) (He's not really a Ragdoll cat, but a Siberian cat.)

I know there is a bright morning sun just behind the horizon. I can see the first golden pink rays already.

I have some fun news too, but I will keep you in suspense for a while :) Yeah, as if you are just waiting to hear about my little life, holding your breath on the other side of the ether :D :D :D

((Hugs to all you faithful readers ))

Friday, May 8, 2015

Room for my girl

Here are some pictures of Indi's new room. I made her curtains and bought the furniture and rug second-hand. She gets to choose which photos, posters and paintings to hang on her walls. (Well, if it's just one of her gazillion drawings, she gets to put it up on the wardrobe door so it will be easy to take down later. )
The wall above her desk and bed will probably get something hung on it sooner or later too, probably some of her own art work and more photographs :)
The wardrobe in this room is huge and holds her clothes, books, legos, art and craft supplies, my dresses, and still has empty space to spare.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New arrangements, new family member, new beginnings

We have a cat. Indi named him Valo ("Light"). his sweet face looks like it's radiating! He has been with us for two months now. He was sick with cat flu, ear mites and intestinal infection when we got him. He is now much better and growing fast after two rounds of antibiotics plus some other stuff to treat him.

We also changed up our apartment so that Indi got the bedroom for her own room ( I will post pictures later) and we are sleeping in the living room. The apartment is 52 m2 / 550 sqft but using smallish furniture it seems to work quite well and the living room seems more like a living room now than when all of Indiana's stuff was in there. We are still waiting to put up some book shelves in the living room and some small things like photos and posters and lower hooks for Indi in the entrance so she can finally hang her own clothes... We turned the kitchen table the other way so that it now seats 5 people (after I get more chairs, they are waiting at my dad's house to be painted). I had thought the space was too small for that but after just trying it out I noticed there was enough room.

We almost bought a house (yes, again) but stuff happened and we decided to stay on the island where we like to live - and we are pretty tired of moving... so that decision got me re-arranging our place to fit our current needs better.
I have also been sick again, and very tired, so it just seemed better for all of us to not make any big changes right now. Small ones are enough!
Life has been turbulent to say the least, difficult things happening, but during the blackest moments I clung to the promise that Jesus is with me every step of the way and is working his best will to eventually bless us all through the trials we face.. Sometimes it can be nearly impossible to see things turning around... but our impossibility is God's possibility. And he IS faithful and we are coming out of the other side of the storm. Changed, humbled, stronger, scarred but believing in becoming ever more whole, resilient and closer to the Lord, with his help and though his love and forgiveness.